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Eye surgeon in Cincinnati

Are your eyes giving you trouble? Let us help you!  From dry eyes to cataracts, when it comes to your eyes, we handle it all.  Dr. Kenneth G Amend is here to help you through it. Take a look at a little bit about us, and let’s get you seeing clearly again! 
A patient in the operating room during ophthalmic surgery

Expert care

When looking for eye care or an eye surgeon, everyone wants the best. With nearly 50 years of experience in the ophthalmology business, we’re the experts you need! After receiving his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Kenneth G Amend has been licensed to practice since 1968. Serving the Cincinnati community, Dr. Amend is happy to help those struggling with their vision.

What is ophthalmology? 

Ophthalmology may be hard to pronounce, but it’s quite simple- it’s all about your eyes! In Ophthalmology, we seek to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the eyes. In other words, we make your eyes healthy again! 

What we do

So, what do we do? Just about anything your eyes need! We’re pleased to offer a variety of services in eye care, whether you need simple treatments or more complex care. As an expert eye surgeon, Dr. Amend is highly trained and skilled in various treatments and restorations of the eye. If you’re curious about our services, check out our procedures and the conditions we treat, and give us a call for a consultation today! 
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